There are a bunch of sales (and other good deals) happening right now, whether you're into American or Japanese toys.

CS TOYS Japan's "Happy Hauliday Sale"

The "Hauliday Sale" ends on January 5th, 2013 so don't miss out. THE SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 12th! To see all of the items on sale, you can click here to visit CS TOYS, then click the big "Happy Hauliday Sale!" banner. CS TOYS is also continuing their fantastic tradition of selling this year's overstock items and donating the proceeds to charity. Scroll down for links to those items as well.

There are a number of other sales going on at CS TOYS right now as well. Here are some items that have me saying "I THINK I NEED THAT!" (CLICK ANY OF THE TITLES BELOW TO SEE THE FULL LISTINGS & SALE DATES):

Power Ranger Toy Sales & Other Good Deals


If you’re still looking for Samurai toys, check your local ROSS. 

Yesterday (Dec 3) I found this set of Power Rangers Samurai figures. 

This normally retails for $52 at Toys R Us. Not only has it disappeared from all of the TRUs near me in CA, but at ROSS, it was $19.99! (That’s $3.33 per ranger.) That same morning I almost spent $8.99 just on a Red Mega Mode Ranger at Toys R Us. (The one I have has very loose legs, so I wanted to try again.) The ROSS I went to had very few MMPR toys, but the one in Oregon had tons of Samurai stuff when I was there in early November. Each store will vary in terms of selection, but it might be worth a visit to see what they have. I’ve seen the 12 inch Shogun Ranger for $12. Red, Gold, and Rita Repulsa 4 inch figures for $3, Disc Cycles for $9 and a few other things too. 

Speaking of Toys R Us...

TRU is having a Megazord sale. It goes from now until December 8th.

Looking for Megaforce Stuff? So far, I’ve found fully stocked Megaforce displays in Newhall, Porter Ranch, and Woodland Hills, California. I haven’t been to Van Nuys or Burbank TRUs recently. Maybe they have them there by now. It looks like Megaforce toys are becoming available at more TRU locations now so be sure to check your local store.  If your store doesn't have things yet, it probably won't be too much longer.

Don't forget about Target.

I would say Target has the best deal on 4 inch figures at the moment at $6.99, but sales keep popping up all over, so keep checking your local stores.

And finally... MMPRtoys 

Yes, even our YouTube channel will be having some special holiday surprises that we'll reveal in upcoming videos. Be sure you're subbed so you don't miss them. As always, I post updates as I learn about new sales, so check back often via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Wow that Gokai Silver and Buddy Roids are making me wish I had some extra money lying around. Ross sounds like the place to check out for some hard to find figures. I always see some rare figures for power rangers and marvel at local drug stores like CVS here on the east coast but they are always double the price like $15 for a basic samurai ranger.


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